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Infidelity Investigations: Cheating Partner or Spouse

If you think your spouse/partner, common-law marriage partner or fiance is fooling around because you’ve noticed some behavioral changes at home or staying at the office more or spending less time with the family. You want to dismiss it as being silly or you’re being too critical of their actions, but your gut won’t let you! If the lack of communication has made you feel too uncomfortable to discuss the situation, give us a call. We have the skills, professionalism, and cutting edge technological surveillance equipment to get results. Being armed with the truth will allow you to make a more rational decision about your marriage/relationship; an affair isn’t necessarily a death sentence for your marriage. Joint counseling is strongly suggested for those wanting to work through the situation as infidelity strains every dynamic of the family unit. Once the infidelity has been exposed, you and your partner/spouse should be willing to discuss the affair and determine the future of your relationship. However, if your partner/spouse refuses to get help, hopefully you will seek help regardless of their decision. Cheating spouses are so good at covering their tracks with lies that they are rarely caught! When the honest truth, the facts are what you need, Catch 22 Investigations will discreetly document the daily activities, suspicious behaviors, collect or review phone records and report daily findings to you.

Listed below are some of the most common signs of infidelity:

  • 1) Changes in behavior
  • 2) Changes in communication
  • 3) Increased Interest in appearance
  • 4) More time spent away from home
  • 5) Attitude changes
  • 6) Lying
  • 7) Avoidance
  • 8) They accuse you of cheating
  • 9) Indifference

If you suspect infidelity, let us help!